You are unique. Your education should be too. At OnCourse Education, we offer highly personalized high school credit courses adapted to your specific learning needs with experienced, Ontario certified teachers. We offer a full range of high school credits including Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Calculus, & all Senior Sciences; key courses for many college and university programs. Our individualized program options include 1:1 support, e-learning, support for ILC credits and small group classes on a flexible schedule. Whatever your learning needs, OnCourse Education can help!

Which Option is Right For You

Independent Study Credits:

Flexible, low cost option for the more independent student.

Best For: Self-motivated learners with solid prerequisite skills and strong time management skills.

Price Range: Starting at $750- $2500.00, prices are non-refundable.

In Class Time: 15 hours, minimum

Schedule: Flexible*

What’s involved: After an in-depth consultation with our Principal, an individualized program is recommended, based on student goals, skills and timelines. Each student is provided with course materials and a customized schedule to maintain pacing. Our expert teachers facilitate learning, provide additional support for the course material, assist with managing time and tasks and conduct assessment. A typical schedule is 1-2 times per week for 1-2 hour sessions.

Individualized Credits:

Flexible, highly accommodated learning in 1:1 or small group setting.

Price Range: Varies, depending on degree of support required.

Best For: Students who require more intensive remediation of skills, who lack pre-requisite skills, or who have an ambitious timeline or achievement goal. This option is often suitable for students with identified learning disabilities, enrichment students or other learners who require a highly flexible, customized program.

Instructional Hours: 110 **

Schedule: Flexible

What’s involved: Students receive highly individualized instruction and support. Skill gaps are remediated throughout the course. Customized learning strategies are addressed within the context of the credit.

Contact our Principal, Jennifer Scott-Penich, to arrange a complimentary academic consultation.

* All credit courses must be a minimum of 110 hours and must be completed within one year, as per Ministry of Education guidelines.
** For some students, additional time may be required, based on their learning needs, goals and prerequisite skills. This will be discussed at the initial consultation, and reviewed regularly with the Principal.