Exceptional Learners Need Exceptional Teachers

At OnCourse Education, we know that students with learning disabilities and other learning differences face an uphill battle every day to succeed in school.  Our caring, qualified teachers and team of experienced learning specialists can make the difference between struggling at school and succeeding!

Our approach is as unique as our students.

Research Based Programs

Our research-driven remediation programs get results! Essential skills in math and language are developed through structured, multi-sensory learning programs, including JUMP Math® and S.P.I.R.E.® Intensive Reading Intervention. Designed to build success, confidence and mastery, these programs build foundational skills and learning strategies, and provide measurable results. At OnCourse, our Individualized Success Plan, designed for every student ensures their specific learning needs are met. The result? Happy, confident learners, improved grades, and empowered students.

Learn more about S.P.I.R.E.® Reading and JUMP Math®.

Technology That Works

Technology is everywhere, but what works for whom? It can be a challenge to wade through the endless new programs and apps for learning. OnCourse uses a combination of “tried and true” technology (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Kurzweil 3000, and Inspiration) and the latest and best apps that make the difference between success and frustration. Training for parents is also available.

Personal Attention & Expertise

Exceptional students have exceptional needs, like a teacher who understands how and why they learn differently. Our teachers are qualified, skilled special educators with a passion for learning, and a commitment to helping every student succeed. Our Director of Special Education, Maureen Pangan has over thirty years’ experience as both a teacher and as a fierce advocate for the learning disabled.

Contact Maureen to arrange a complimentary consultation. Maureen@oncourseeducation.com

We Teach:

  • How to identify strengths to target weaker areas through a learning styles assessment and self-advocacy training
  • Multi-sensory instruction to tap into all learning modalities
  • Individualized, specialized attention in a 1:1 or small group setting
  • Our programs are tailor-made to your child’s unique learning needs

Beyond The Curriculum

School success is not just knowing the curriculum. It’s also finding every learners’ own path to success. Along with curriculum support, your child’s program is designed to help them:

  • use technology to work smarter
  • break down tasks to manage time (and stress!)
  • build test taking strategies
  • become a more effective reader and critical thinker
  • use visual organizers and other tools to keep focused and organized
  • study more effectively

We’re not all about labels, but …

OnCourse offers support for all learners, especially those with:

  • Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia
  • Language- and Communication-based Learning Disabilities
  • Non-verbal Learning Disabilities
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Processing delays and other challenges
  • Anxiety and other mental health challenges