Many students struggle with the fast pace and demands of current curriculum expectations, or with the stress of EQAO testing. OnCourse can help. Our tutoring programs are carefully designed to build the skills, independence and confidence needed for school success. Whether it’s Grade 12 Math, building foundational reading & math skills, or developing study strategies, we can help achieve success, every step of the way!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

At OnCourse Education, we help with more than just tutoring. Our team custom-builds a program that pinpoints each student’s learning needs, taps into their learning style and develops the confidence needed to tackle school. Let us help you stop worrying about your child’s progress and start bragging!

We Offer:

  •  Expert one on one tutoring for all ages and subjects
  •  Complimentary skills assessments to identify missing skills and learning styles
  •  Small group classes that develop reading and math skills – the foundation for all future learning (Grades 1-8)
  •  Enriched Tutoring Support for College & University streamed courses, including A.P. courses, to help ensure exceptional skills and great marks
  •  Assistive Technology (tech tools) that help, not distract
  •  Parent support for families with kids struggling with learning challenges

Skill Builders

  •  Study Strategies & Time Management (Key skills for success in high school and beyond)
  •  Getting Ready for High School Ensure confidence and success at high school for your child by reviewing and reinforcing vital high school skills and concepts in English and Math
  •  Exam Preparation Skills (High-School, Post-Secondary, SAT and Entrance Exams)
  •  Write the Perfect Essay Learn from the Experts and ace those essays!

Tutoring Sessions are held Monday to Friday with flexible scheduling options available.