Experience truly personalized learning. OnCourse Education offers a full range of credit courses  including Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Calculus, & all senior sciences; key courses for many college and university programs. Options include 1:1 classes, e-learning, and support for ILC credits. After an in-depth consultation with our Principal, an individualized program is recommended, based on your goals, skills, and timelines.

Contact our Principal, Jennifer Scott-Penich, to arrange a consultation. Jennifer@oncourseeducation.com

Which Option is Right For You?

Independent Study Credits

A flexible, low-cost option for the independent learner.

Best For: Self-motivated learners with strong prerequisite skills.

Price Range: Starting at $750- $2500.00.

In Class Time: 15 hours, minimum

Schedule: Flexible*


Individualized Credits

Flexible, highly accommodated learning in a 1:1 or small group setting.

Price Range: Varies, depending on the degree of support required.

Best For: Students who require a highly customized program, have an ambitious timeline or learning goal, or who require learning accommodations due to a learning disability or other special need.

Instructional Hours: 110 **

Schedule: Flexible


Contact our Principal, Jennifer Scott-Penich, to arrange a consultation.

* All credit courses must be a minimum of 110 hours and must be completed within one year, as per Ministry of Education guidelines.
** For some students, additional time may be required, based on their learning needs, goals and prerequisite skills.