Hear What Our Students & Families Have To Say About OnCourse Education:

My son has shared many successes with the OnCourse team. He has overcome academic challenges and continues to improve. His report card was all A’s and B’s! On a personal level, they have helped him become the confident young man he is today. High School is just around the corner, and I know OnCourse will be part of that journey.
Nina, Hamilton, ON

Supportive, accommodating, informative, skilled, and friendly; these are just some thoughts that come to mind when I think of the staff, and programs at OnCourse. In the past four years, with their assistance, I have watched my son make solid gains in his organizational and academic skills.  The location is a particular bonus, located minutes from his neighborhood school.  I am so very happy with our experience.
Anne D., Hamilton, ON

I was really impressed with the teachers at OnCourse, and the flexibility they gave me to work at my own pace. When I began, I was at a Grade 6 level. I have now successfully completed my GED. I would highly recommend OnCourse to anyone who is struggling in school. It worked for me!
Jeff, Ancaster, ON

My son has struggled with schoolwork for years. In his early grades I worked with him every night. It was tough-going. Finally, I reached a point where I needed more support. That is when we turned to OnCourse Education Centre. They have been a Godsend!

With certified teachers and insightful staff, my son has blossomed under their tutelage. My son needs someone who can use various methods and ideas to help him learn. His teacher can stop and explain exactly where and why my son is having difficulties and help him to understand how to work through it.

My son enjoys attending OnCourse because he gets all of his homework done in class with a teacher who gives him undivided attention. Even young kids quickly figure out that it is often quicker and less painful getting homework done at OnCourse rather than at home! I find the nights he attends OnCourse much more relaxing at home since the homework is already completed.

I cannot say enough good things about OnCourse and how it has brightened my son’s academic future. Thank-you!
Andrea F., Hamilton, ON

Sincere thanks to OnCourse for past and ongoing support offered to our children both at the primary, secondary and now post-secondary level of school. Your professionalism, teaching talents, understanding, compassion and aspiration for excellence certainly present the challenges of learning as hopeful rather than hopeless. Obstacles become opportunities to look for a different approach. Wow, what an outstanding group of people. Please keep up the good work!
Michael and Nell H., Stoney Creek, ON

Our soon is doing excellent.  He finished his first semester of grade 12 with an 80% average. He will graduate on time with his class and is very proud of himself for that.  He has not failed one course throughout his high school life; another thing he is very proud of. I am positive that it is because of all of you that he is doing this well in his academics.  Your school is fantastic!!!  The lessons you have taught him will help him through his life with ambition and confidence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Sherry T.

My daughter loves her teacher! Her support aided my daughter in achieving a better level of French grammar which is important as a foundation for future French studies. The office staff are also wonderful.  The professional response is consistent and always positive and helpful.
Susan, Hamilton, ON

To the staff of OnCourse,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to OnCourse. Because of my experience with your adult education and training centre, my self-esteem has come around full circle. My skills in reading comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, and math have improved greatly.  Thank you to my English teacher. Your work got me through a college level entry exam- with ease I might add. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

In math, my teacher took me in leaps and bounds in a world of numbers and equations, He was invaluable to me and my recovery from the poor math skills that have plagued me since grade one. If I only knew then what I know now. Thanks so much.

I would recommend OnCourse to anyone looking to do some positive academic renovations, to put a “fresh coat” on their learning for a better future. Again thank you all.

Phil J., Adult learner. Now at college.